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Primary Mission

The primary mission of The Julian Foundation is the funding and awarding of The Julian Collender Fund for Positive Social Change, a scholarship for academic and non-academic pursuits of education, artistic endeavors and creative self-expression. Our plan with this fund, as well as our involvement and sponsorship of various events, is to create a network of professionals and artists as a resource to others.

Non-Profit Structure

The Julian Foundation is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) California Non-Profit Corporation, incorporated on November 10, 2014. Our Board of Directors consists of some of Julian’s family and closest friends—ensuring that the motivation and vision is always based in Jules' interests and passions. All Directors and Officers are unpaid. If you would like to participate or volunteer, contact us at info@thejulianfoundation.com.

Julian's Story

The Julian Foundation was created to honor Julian “Jules” Collender. Jules was born in Anaheim, California in April 1985 and grew up in Yorba Linda, California. Jules started skateboarding in elementary school, and his creativity flourished from there. He started his first record label in high school, Kluck Kluck Records, supporting friends’ bands. He later formed Rich Bitch Records, eventually opening up a record shop in Oakland, California carrying everything from Roky Erickson and the Nerves to the Shangri-La’s. Jules also loved film, from cult horror movies to new-wave french cinema. Combined with his love for reading, this grew into a passion for screenwriting—his college major. Most people who knew Jules would agree: if you met Jules, you would never meet someone like him ever again in your life. He had a big smile, a contagious laugh, and style for days.

On June 29, 2010, Julian was shot and killed by the Brea Police outside of the home where he grew up. Jules was only 25 years old, he had no prior record and was unarmed. One year to the date of the shooting, the Orange County District Attorney announced that he would not press charges on the officer, who is still working for the Brea Police. The Orange County District Attorney has never pressed criminal charges on an officer shooter before.

In Jules’ memory we strive to support others who share his interests. In this way, Julian’s passions continue to grow beyond his life which was cut short in such a tragic and violent way.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for scholarships or grants? When are applications due?

The applications are available on our website. To apply for an academic scholarship, please complete the application and submit it by June 30. Applications will be reviewed and awarded on August 1 of each year. Applications for art grants are always open. The number of amounts and awards will depend on our fundraising campaigns.

What is the criteria for the scholarship and grant awards?

Our criteria is centered around the reason we formed The Julian Foundation: To honor the life of Julian Collender through his many passionate and varied interests. Ultimately we are looking to invest into an individual, whether pursuing a degree in oceanography or pressing an album, we want to create something with you that has your passion and drive completely involved. We’re interested in things revolving around the arts and creative expression: music, film, photography, skateboarding, graphic design, industrial design, fashion, writing, poetry, and illustration. As you can tell we’re broadly speaking about the arts, but that doesn’t limit our potential to award a scholarship to the next doctor who is aspiring to cure cancer, or a scientist who wants to walk on Mars. Don’t let us limit you! Creativity can be found anywhere.

More details on scholarships and art grants can be found in the evaluation criteria of each PDF package. And, of course, we don’t discriminate, so you can add that disclaimer about age, sex, gender, race and whatever else right here.

How do you define the difference between scholarships and grants?

Academic scholarships will fund a student on a path to a four-year degree. But we also support non–academic pursuits that do not involve traditional, structured courses of education through our grants. This includes things like personal projects, and helping with equipment needs, supplies, books, seminars, workshops, and anything that will propel you into your future.

How is The Julian Foundation funded? Where do my donations go?

We are funded solely by public contributions. Your contribution to The Julian Foundation goes toward the Julian Collender Fund for Positive Social Change, a scholarship for academic and non–academic pursuits of education, artistic endeavors and creative self­-expression. A smaller portion of funds will go to producing zines. All directors and officers are unpaid volunteers.

How can I donate?

Donations can be made by credit card or paypal through our website. Just go to the Donations tab on the menu above. We also welcome gifts and other contributions you may have. If you are a graphic designer, photographer, filmmaker, or musician, for example, we would love to connect and work with you. Want to participate or contribute to our zine? Or just have an idea for us? Please contact us at info@thejulianfoundation.com.

Are my donations tax deductible?

Yes, pursuant to the IRC.

Is there a maximum donation?

Nope! :)

Do you support any legislative or political activities?

No, we do not participate in any legislative or political campaigns. The Julian Foundation was created by Jules’ closest friends to honor him in the positive spirit that reflects and honors Jules.

How can I stay updated on what The Julian Foundation is up to?

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @thejulianfoundation and on Twitter with @friendsofjules. Subscribe to our blog on Tumblr. Join our mailing list by emailing us: info@thejulianfoundation.com.

What can I do to get more involved? How can I help?

We are always seeking volunteers for events, artists and designers for media, and partners to support our mission. If you are interested in joining one of our committees or want to work with us, please send us a message at info@thejulianfoundation.com. Thank you!